I feel like I am in CartmanLand.

When the dot.bomb dropped on the internet, I being semi-employable to start with, began creating my own game.

Problem is, I'm a coder not an actor!! Next problem is, I can't afford to pay anyone. Not in In Real Life (IRL) dollars anyway. Artistic Credits... EASY PEASY!

I need...

  • 2d "cartoony" artists Someone who can take a picture of a creature and draw me a picture of that creature smiling, frowning, dancing, sleeping, etc. (bout 100 poses)
  • Storyteller Someone who can take a general plot outline and turn it into flowing vibrant effervescent text. (And knows how to fix speling erors)
  • Musician Someone who can give me small (no more than 2 minutes) UNIQUE looping music samples with a WIDE variety of moods and flavors.
  • Da Money Man Someone who knows how to keep books, find money sources. (suspicious look)
  • 3d modeler / mapper. Someone who can take a 2d picture of a creature and his equipment and model them.
  • 3d animator Someone who can take a 3d model and animate them.