Welcome to Dolphpun.Com

The pun is it's own Reword.

The future site of GUS, a game.

about me No website would be complete without an ego page.

Ram-dom stuff I do artistic 3d work. This is a refresh the page a few times to get different art.

Resume Currently unemployed I have my resume out there already. I am a computer programmer. I taught myself Apple Basic on the old Apple II. Currently I use PHP and VB a lot, but have experience with a number of different languages. (You can't pay me enough to work with CoBOL.) One of my early jobs was doing tech support for a dBase III superclone and compiler so I have a good foundation in databasing.

Help WANTED I am currently working on a game of my own creation, but I am finding that while I am a good coder, I am not really an artist, musician, etc.

Services Besides programming, I have done a number of other things in my life. I am a very versitile individual.

RudeDolph When everyone else was learning HTML editors, I was learning Hyper Text Markup Language. This was one of my first creations. (I also speak RTF and a few other formats.)

GalapagosTrip I have been out of the country once in my life. I got to do a 7 day boat-tour of the Galapagos Islands. The thing *I* brought back was a sense of how freaks fit in to the grand picture. Without them nothing would happen.

Video I do stuff on YouTube, xTube and a few others.

FamilyAlbum Pictures mostly for my family, of my Family. There are others in my family not shown here, but not out of a bad sense. I simply don't have pictures. :)

Astrology Warning! This will bruise your ego.

HawaiiTrip I alot of my family, both blood and gay live in the islands.

ColorHTML Some very ancient ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)

IMHO This is supposed to be my In My Humble Opinion page, which might be a blog like thing... but it takes me forever to sit down and write stuff.

X(A*N)th I am a big fan of Piers Anthony.

Basenji (shop) My Basenji shop on Cafepress. (See below)

Baxter Baxter Basenji's Page.

Electra Electra Basenji's Page.

SecondLife Remember how the web snuck up on most people overnight and like it or not, they knew about the web? Meet the next one. (Oh, and remember when your trig/geometry teacher told you that you would need it one day? Meet SecondLife)

Redneck Thangs I love the mcGuiver abilities of rednecks.

Home School Just cute pet pictures that my mom forewarded to me.

Psyche Tests Cute mind benders.

Dog Advice Lessons to be learned from dogs.

Cafepress I love Cafepress. I upload my art. When someone wants a Teeshirt.. THEN they print up one. Until then, no stock, no mess. If you see a teeshirt you like please buy one because you are helping a poor-boy out. *big puppy dog eye smile*

PayPal I am willing to beg a bit, but this is also a page for people who I have done services for to give me some $$$s.

People, Places, Things.

The Hole in the Wall has moved.

hole in the wall

Generally this site is almost as ADhD as I am. I am a very old nerd. Well I am 39 now and can honestly say I have been playing around with computers since I was 13.

It is mostly an attempt to recover content from various projects, dead projects that I still keep, current projects, pictures of people I know. For right now I am just having fun digging through archives of stuff and attempting to reincarnate them all into what you see before you. As an ADhD critter, I have a LOT if interests and a lot if distractions.

Due to popular demand, I am slowly weeding through and making all sounds non-auto start, at least until I can rewrite the site to allow for shutting them off/on globally.

This page used to feature random content from the site. Its one of the places where sound will be on by default. Warning, you might see renders of guys kissing.

If you have talked with me and are expecting to see some other things, you have the wrong domain. If you think about it ... it will "net" you some results.