My trip in the Galapagos


For right now, I will only put some of my favorite shots of the Galapagos here.

Now bear in mind, some of these shots really only mean anything to the people who were on the tour with me, so don't be too confused...

[A REALLY good shot] This picture shows a Giant Tortoise with a Yellow warbler and a Vermillion flycatcher on his back.
A shot of a that all the people on my tour want a copy of... Send $$$... :)

Here is one of the best meals I had in Ecuador

Here are some pictures of Sea Lions from the Galapagos Islands.

Lots of pictures of Boobies and Mockingbirds and Cormarands! Oh my!

Here are some pictures of White legged tourist birds not native to the Galapagos Islands.

Here are some pictures of Tortoises and friends.

Some funny Moments.

Lots of pretty ships.

Here are pictures of some of the Hot Men I saw on this trip.

The lists of links to other resources, that I like too do.

[Idiot Leavings] Once, long ago ships would engrave their names and Dates into the Islands... Which is perfect excuse for the modern idiots to do it. Fortunately these idiots used paint, so the environment might EVENTUALLY recover.

[Trash] Unfortunately these plastic things didn't start making it here till the last couple of years.
We no longer use returnables - the manufacturers are too lazy to use them, even though they are more in tune with the earth.