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The political suckup of the year award!

RepubliCrat California Attorney General Dan Lungren

Dan Lungren

After it was becoming clear that he MIGHT be under consideration for a Vice Presidential position in the 1996 Presidential Election, Mr. Lungren decided to show how "Tough on Crime" he was.

Then there was another bug in his side

A Pot Dealer

in San Francisco

(A city infested with AIDS ridden faggots)

was trying to


God forbid!

Easy solution... Bust the Faggots

These are my comments

This and this are Mr. Lungren's statement from his last camPAIN

Ten years ago I fought against the liberal political establishment in Congress
First say the keywords 'Political Establishment' so people scanning the text with think he is progressive...
and passed the toughest federal crime bill in history.
Another keyword 'toughest' to show how manly you are.
As California Attorney General, I have continued this fight.
Rah Rah Sis Boom Baa (for the sheep of the world)
I directed my legal team in fighting anti-death penalty attorneys and in carrying out California's death penalty for the first time in 25 years.
Defense Attorneys can't attempt to protect the life of their clients?
I protected the rights of victims against criminals by personally arguing and winning a landmark death penalty case before the United States Supreme Court.
Proud of the fact that you can help kill people?
Under my leadership, California also has its most comprehensive plans ever to:
California? Comprehensive? With all this diversity?
fight gangs;
and see to it that the goverment spends more on telling them what they can't do, than it does telling them what they CAN... (Midnight basketball?)
lock up drug dealers
and let the rapists and murderers go free
and shut down illegal drug labs;
how? Make them legal? What about the 200% the government gets now?
stop school violence;
lock them all up... serve them right for being YOUNG...
control the unregulated explosion of gambling;
bust some old ladies at the bingo parlor too?
change the culture of violence in sports, entertainment and video games.
Oh tell me what to think Oh big brother with the over inflated ego!
Society didn't fail criminals. Criminals have failed society.
Sharks don't eat attorneys; Attorneys eat sharks... get it right
They should be held accountable.
as long as they are an easy target...
Rights of victims and law-abiding residents should come first.
like HIV victims starving to death?
California needs an Attorney General who understands this and who
how about one with some compassion?
has been there from the beginning--
been around too long?
fighting for tougher laws,
best way to keep an Attorney General in business.
longer sentences
especially if they are sick
and more cops
who will be forced to enforce UNJUST laws.
long before it became fashionable.
Wait a Minute! A politician talking about FASHION? (double take double take)
That's where I have been and what I stand for.
ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughing)
I want to keep on fighting for a safer California.

Call (916) 448-9352.

Sir, its your enemia appointment waiting.

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