My trip in the Galapagos and some bird pictures.

[SwallowTail.jpg] A Galapagos Swallowtail.

[Red.jpg] A Red Footed Boobie and mate

[MockingBird2.jpg] A Mockingbird baby in its nest.

[MockingBird.jpg] A Mockingbird... youre mocking me aren't you?
Saw Toy Story 4 times... Thanks American Airlines! change the tape once in a while... ;)

[Masked01.jpg] A Masked Boobie

[Friggate3.jpg] A tired Friggate.

[Friggate2.jpg] A couple of Friggates with "it" up.

[Friggate1.jpg] A couple of Friggates. 1 with "it" up, 1 with "it" spent.

[Cormarand.jpg] A Flightless Cormarand. Endemic to Galapagos.

[Blue03.jpg] A blue footed boobie

[Blue02.jpg] A Blue Footed Boobie and Mate.

[Blue01.jpg] Blue Footed Boobie kisses.

[Baby3.jpg] Baby Boobie...

[Baby2.jpg] Baby Boobie...

[baby.jpg] Baby Boobie...
I know it sounds bigoted, but all boobie babies look the same to me. ;)

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