My Baby pictures and my mom.

Richy - 2 1/2 months Leslie was chasing cows - Dianna was chasing Leslie - Richard was chasing Dianna chasing leslie.
Me? I watch

Richy - 2 1/2 "Mom, now if I take two steps foreward and take a left turn, I'll be at the beers!"

Richy - 2 months "That was a funny one! Sombody said I look like my daddy. Mom- come to think of it, I do!"

Richy - 2 months "So what if girls pose pretty; I got the best deal here!"

Richy - 2 months "Poor Mommie, she gets this way some times!"

Richy - 2 months "Is that so? "

Richy - 2 months "Don't worry! Sissie didn't loose her arm, I'm just sitting on it!"

Richy - 2 months "See! I can walk!"